Thursday, March 29, 2007

Trip Report on Google March 21

Had the good fortune of being invited to lunch at Google by two very special friends, Peter and Cindy. Peter is one of those fascinating people you get a chance to meet and see their meteoric rise and yet retain their gentle soul. I met Peter right before he went to work for Google as we met on the BART. Peter now works in Google Analytics and other projects. Peter just got back from a trip training international teams in Dublin, London, Paris, and sites in India. Cindy is another great friend who worked at Sun Microsystems and is now a usability coordinator at Google. She has offered to give our students a tour of the campus and she is enthusiastic about creating a relationship with our department and recruiting our students to take in part in usability studies at Google. This is a great start to introducing our students to Internet studies and the contrasts between corporate and academic research: how the questions generated align and diverge. And of course the pics!

Here's Peter next to one of the first server racks used by the founders of Google:

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